Our Vision, Mission and Values


As a social enterprise we want to create economic and social prosperity and abundance in the remotest and poorest of rural communities, through craft and other earth-friendly processes.


  • To impact migration by generating fair livelihoods
  • To strengthen the local community by strengthening the local ecology
  • To weave the craft, community and conservation aspects of our work into the multidimensional fabric of rural life
  • To create a win-win model of communication and collaboration between all stakeholders in the development process


I. Care of the Earth

  • Low or neutral carbon footprint raw materials.
  • Integrated low-waste processes.
  • Judicious use of resources.

II. Care of the People

  • Use of technology to augment, not replace.
  • Inclusion rather than exclusion.
  • Fair and equitable work conditions.
  • Engagement in work that enriches life.
  • Generation of local employment opportunities.