• Indigo Collection, Cool Blues

    Cool blues for the warm-hearted. The Indigo Shibori collection.

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Art of Shibori

Shibori is a manual tie-dyeing technique that has its roots in Japan. Traditional Indian designs such as leheriya or bandhej are also considered under the gamut of shibori. At Mura, it’s all about manipulation of fabric through various means and dyeing it using a natural dye.

UNESCO Seal of Excellence

For our high standard of design and quality, Mura has been awarded the prestigious UNESCO Seal of Excellence four times.

The Love We Receive

“Thanks a million Kusum and Mura! Love the masks, a wonderful gifting option too. So well combined, from the paper warp to the pouch to the extra clips! So thoughtful!”

- Ameeta Choudhary, Chennai, India

The Love We Receive

“A Kurta piece is a tissue silk converted into a kaftan with a stole.”

- Dr. Jyoti Chowdhury, Kolkata, India

The Love We Receive

“I’ve been following Mura Collective’s work for a while now and when my mum told me that they came up with reusable masks I knew it would be a smart purchase. These masks are very fashionable yet functional, not to mention extremely comfortable to wear. Two things that stand out about these masks are the adjustable noseband and the adjustable strap which give you better coverage as the follow the shape of your face. Very innovative and out of the box design!”

- Deborah, Delhi, India

The Love We Receive

“Lovely, breathable masks!”

- Dr. Asha Singh, Former DU Prof. Child Specialist

The Love We Receive

“Mura is one of my favourite stops to shop for sarees and fabrics…. The hues of colours, combinations, style and above all promoting the art of Shibori are what make Mura very special. Their latest collection of masks are very stylish too, and very comfortable to use. I am glad I have them.”

- Rubali Chakraborty, Finance Professional, Mumbai